Candid Camera
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Some various pics of various shows
Some from the first show, on june 30th (i think), and our second show on july 20th, at javajazz coffee house! More to come too!

A swiss guy playing the drumsetamaphone!

Andy the ex-whataburger man

July 20th Flyer

Shirtless Andy on Sept. 8th

Look! Its us on stage!

Smaller pic...


August 10th Flyer

Nice picture of Stephen going crazy on his trumpetamaphone

Adam performing a peculiar action on the microphone...SINGING of course!

Skank pit!

Attractive shot of Stephen on September 8th

more first show...

Homemade bassdrum cover...mmmmhmmm!

Well wouldya look at that! It's the Whataburger man himself-laying down some 'fat' beats on Big Red!

Thats us pumpin out some tunes on August 10th

This image just wont allow us to change it!

Adam and Andy, the brothers in the band

Little Drummer Boy

Stephen sporting his SM58LC microphone with Adam looking exactly like Matt Freeman in Operation Ivy on Aug 10!

Its Stephen again, whodathunkit?

The beloved Troy with his 'hardcore' impression

An awesome side view of CBK at the Suspects show on September 8th

Sideview of Chris going crazy on his drumsetamaphone--September 8th

Beloved friends James and Troy in 'homey' stance (James was sporting his 'SHPADOINKLE!' shirt that show too!)

Another awesome shot of CBK going crazy on September 8th

Pic of Stephen and the Swiss guy in the backgrownd...

Ghostly figures raiding the mosh pit...if you have any more evidence of these strange happenings, send information to that scary TV show Unsloved Mysteries...

A more recent show, with Stephen almost falling off the stage.

Well whaddya know, it's lil' Amy Hinson!